Special Openings & Rentals

The Water Tower can be rented for special occasions for small groups.  Capacity is 25 but that is quite a crowd at the top.  It is much more comfortable and easier to see the views with a group of 12 to 18.  The price is 150 per hour and any part of an hour will be charged for an entire hour. For example if you take an hour and 15 minutes you’ll be charged $300. You must pay prior to the opening.

We will offer some free of charge openings for classes (grade school and high school) and groups like scouts.

All persons and groups must make arrangements with us at least two weeks in advance of the date they would like to go in the tower.  Please call 314-552-9000 and request more information.

The WTPPS is a volunteer group so we will try to accommodate all requests but depends on our volunteer’s availability.Additional Notes:

  • We allow food and drink (excluding alcohol) but it must be completely cleaned up by the group renting the tower.
  • Anytime we are letting people less than 15 years old, they must be accompanied by an adult when they go to the top.
  • Clean-up is the responsibility of the renter.
  • Any damage is the responsibility of renter.