Reservoir Park

The park was challenged during the Great Depression and reduced in size by the construction of Interstate 44 in the late 60’s. Its status as a premier park waned as the city’s population declined, and the park fell under disrepair. Now, the twenty first century marks an important era in the park’s history – a time of appreciation and restoration.

HOK Planning Group, a unit of world-leading design firm HOK, developed a Master Renovation Plan to visually reconnect the different sections of the park and expand its boundaries to its original size, while providing areas of educational insight on the history of the park and significance of the water tower.

Focusing on water as a theme, the Master Renovation Plan provides guidelines to recreate the park’s Victorian landscape, while enhancing its recreational attributes to help it once again become an active neighborhood park.

Highlights of the Master Renovation Plan include:

  • Early 19th Century restored ponds and fountains, Pond Restoration Completed
  • Neighborhood gathering pavilions and spaces
  • Victorian gardens
  • More defined walking/jogging path system
  • Spray fountain with seating area
  • Improved tennis courts, Completed
  • Dog park, Completed
  • Artistic features and lighting, Path Lighting Completed
  • Seasonal tree plantings, Over 500 Trees Planted in the Park
  • Overlook platforms with panoramic views of downtown

Now we need your help to make the Master Renovation Plan a reality. Please become a member of the Water Tower & Park Preservation Society to support our efforts in restoring this historic landmark.