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The Water Tower is open to the public on the first Saturday of each month from March to November, Noon till 4 pm. Visitors are able to climb to the top of the 170-foot and enjoy a spectacular, 360-degree view of the metropolitan St. Louis area that stretches as far as Illinois and the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.  The Water Tower is also open on some special events such as the Grand South Grand House Tour.

Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for ages 5-12, and children 5 and under are free.  (WTPPS Members get free entry as part of their membership.)

NOTE – There are 198 stairs and seven landings to the top.  This historic structure predates compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Water Tower Openings FAQ

Can I buy tickets beforehand?

No. – The WTPPS does not pre-sell tickets. Admittance to the Tower is paid for at the door of Tower. If there is a line please stand in the line and pay upon entrance to the Tower.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash (no bills larger than a $50 please). We also will accept check. We do not have the capability to accept PayPal, Bitcoin, credit or debit cards at this time.

Where is the Compton Hill Water Tower & Reservoir Park?

They are located in the City of St. Louis, Missouri at the intersections of South Grand Blvd & Russell Blvd. Right next to Highway 44. Please see the map to get driving directions.

Where can I park?

Parking is available on Russell Blvd on the parks southern border. If parking there is limited, there is parking along Compton Hill Place on the eastern border of the park.

How long of a line is there to go up to the top?

The line will vary depending on the weather and the date, most times there are no lines. We generally find that the Full Moon openings have more lines especially if held on a weekend day.

Can I reserve a spot in line?

We do not have a method of “holding spots” in line. Therefore we ask that if there is a line that you wait along with everyone else. If there is a physical limitation please let us know but also read the FAQ about access to the Tower for people with mobility impairments.

When is the Tower open to the public?

We are open on the months of March through November with Full Moon evening openings and first Saturday of the Month day openings. Please see the Tower openings listing.

How do I know if the Tower will be closed because of bad weather or another reason?

Unfortunately we sometimes need to close the Tower due to bad weather. This is usually a very rare experience. If the Tower does need to be closed on short notice, we will post a notice on our Facebook page as well as on our Twitter feed. We apologize for these rare closures in advance, but do so for the safety of our visitors and volunteers.

How long can I stay at the top?

We encourage you to spend time at the top of the Tower to enjoy the amazing 360 degree view of the St. Louis skyline. But we also ask that you respect others that want to visit the Tower and see the view. If you are there for a photo shoot and need a significant amount of time at the top please contact us.

Is the Tower accessible to people who have a mobility impairment?

The Tower was built in 1898 prior to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The way to the top is via 198 steps on a circular staircase with many landings along the way for you to stop and rest. We do not have an elevator or motorized way to the top. Again the steps are the only way to the top. We have had visits of all ages (0-90) make it to top.

Can a large group attend a Tower opening?

We encourage groups to come to our openings! It is a great experience to share with others. The Tower is able to handle 25 people on the top deck. If you think your group requires a longer time at the Tower please contact us

Is the tour guided?

The “tour” of the Tower is self-guided. We have historic photos and maps along the steps so that you can see much of the history of the Tower. If you would like more information about the Tower please see the history pages here on the website. We also have volunteer docents at the Tower during openings.

Can I take photographs?

We encourage you to take photos of the Tower and from the Tower. Show your friends and family the amazing view you are seeing of St. Louis. We even encourage you to post them to our Facebook account or tag us on Instagram for the world to see. We ask that those taking professional or semi-professional photos of the Tower please respect our other guests visiting the Tower. If you need an extended amount of time to take photo’s we ask that you contract us prior to visiting the Tower to see if we can make special arrangements.

Can I reserve/rent the Tower for a special opening (for a group, photography session, wedding, engagement, etc,)?

The Tower is able to be rented or opened. Please look at our page on Special Openings & Rentals

How do I find out about volunteer opportunities at the Tower

Please visit our volunteers page. If you are interested in volunteering please feel free to email us at to talk about your skills. If you have a group that would like to volunteer please contact us and we will have our volunteer coordinator work with you and your group.

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